Desyfer – 831 (Fletch Remix) released on 22 October 2007.

The remix was released on Solaris Recordings, see write up below:

Desyfer is one of the snappier monikers for Spencer Hickson. The 831 track originally saw the light of day in 1999 on the Gatecrasher ‘We’ CD. Always a firm favourite from then here we present some new remixes to bring the original bang up to date. Fletch kick things off with an electro-progger that retains the trance elements of the peak time original. The original vocal, instrumental and Deep Dawn dub are also included just to remind us how good the original was. These were recorded at Stokes legendary Cable Chamber studios and with Tilt engineer Nic Britton is at the engineering controls the production is predictably tight. X-Cabs (aka Chris Cowie) rounds things off with a driving trance mix. Pulsating Moroder-eque basslines, big pads and a solid 4/4 driving grooves are the order of the day… and they deliver.