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Fletch – Wish You Were Still Here has now been released by Lyon Echo Records and is available on Beatport.


My latest collaboration with Spencer Hickson (Desyfer) is now available to buy at all good online music stores including Beatport.

With support from DJ Orion, Sasha Le Monnier, Matt Black, Darren Drake & Tiernan O’Neill.

My remix of “Arnold – The stars are shining” is now available to download from Beatport and other good online music stores  🙂

Support from James Grant (Anjunadeep) & Hisham Zahran

My recent release with Sven Hauck of the Netherlands, “Shade Obsidian” has been featured on 2 new Baroque Records Compilations: TENseven & firstsix.10

TENseven: Buy at iTunes / Buy at Beatport

firstsix.10: Buy at iTunes / Buy at Beatport

Phoenix – Out of the system [THM001] (including the Desyfer Remix featured in the Movie “City Rats”)

Out of the system is the new track by Fletch & Desyfer under their Phoenix guise. The track has been released on brand new label: Tactal Hots Music and is now available at the major download stores.

The collaboration between Sven Hauck and myself now available at Beatport on Babylon Records (BAB040).


Horizon Intercept:


Shade Obsidian:



Tactal Hots Music is a brand new label set up by artist Spencer Hickson (aka Desyfer) and myself.

The debut release is going to be new track under our Phoenix guise:

Phoenix – Out of the system [THM001] (due for release July 2010)

Visit for further information!

The brilliant Proff remix of Sundogs – Primary Key is now available on

Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings BEBR031:


My remix of Lanui – Eli is released today, exclusively on Beatport!

Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings BEBR030:

  • Lanui – Eli (Original Mix)
  • Lanui – Eli (Fletch Remix)
  • Lanui – Eli (Ricky Inch Remix)

Eli Beatport

Click here to preview and purchase.

Fletch & Desyfer Pres. Sundogs – Primary Key released today, 26 February 2009 on Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings (BEBR021). Includes a remix from Lea D.


Click here to hear samples and to purchase.

With support from:


James Grant (Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep)

Tiernan O’Neil (T.O.N.)

Hisham Zahran (Dyami Records)

As featured on Above & Beyond’s Trance Around the World Show, Anjunabeats Worldwide and Proton Radio.

Out now is the long awaited release of the Strata EP on Reticent Recordings!

With support from:

James Grant
Gare Mat K
Xaric (Atlant Digital)
Andy Newland
Matt Black

Strata – Strata EP

1. Strata – Metamorphosis
2. Strata – Metamorphosis (Sundogs Remix)
3. Strata – The Ascension
4. Strata – The Ascension (Fletch Remix)
5. Strata – Spheric
6. Strata – Spheric (Strata Breaks Mix)


OceanLab – Miracle released on 21 July 2008.

Full details:

OceanLab – Miracle

1. Above & Beyond Club Mix

2. Michael Cassette Remix

3. Martin Roth Vocal Mix

4. Martin Roth Dub

5. Fletch Remix

6. Above & Beyond Club Radio Edit

7. Album Mix Radio Edit

Buy from:




In 1995 friends / producers Scott Latham & Spencer Hickson set about to write a track for DJ Sasha. They came up with The Phoenix – Rise Up E.P. which was released on Solid Silver Recordings (SIL006).

Sasha was given the only copy mid way through 95 and was using it as a set opener and it featured twice on the Essential Mix. The sales did that well that not only was a run of black vinyl produced there was an exclusive number of red vinyl.

Following Scott’s tragic death in 1996, Spencer Hickson thought a fantastic way for people to remember Scott on the 10th Anniversary of his death would be to remix the project.

Scott’s parents Graham & Christine Latham and Soloman Parker from Solid Silver thought it was a great idea too. Spencer and fellow producer Fletch got cracking on a remix following work they had done on (Desyfer – 831) together.

The new track was signed by Northern Exposure a brand new label and used as the first release (NEXP001), Northern Exposure is a sister label of (Hooj Choons / Lost Language / Solaris Recordings etc) the track as been released on vinyl with the B side being the D Dub Remix.
The D Dub Remix was played on the Radio 1 Essential Mix by John Digweed live at the Warehouse Project in Manchester on 13 October 2007.

Vinyl Release:
Side 1: Desyfer & Fletch Remix
Side 2: D Dub Remix

Digital Download:
Track 1: Desyfer & Fletch Remix
Track 2: D Dub Remix
Track 3: Fletch Big Remix
Track 4: Desyfer Remix
Track 5: Fletch Dub Remix
Track 6: Original Mix



Buy here:


Desyfer – 831 (Fletch Remix) released on 22 October 2007.

The remix was released on Solaris Recordings, see write up below:

Desyfer is one of the snappier monikers for Spencer Hickson. The 831 track originally saw the light of day in 1999 on the Gatecrasher ‘We’ CD. Always a firm favourite from then here we present some new remixes to bring the original bang up to date. Fletch kick things off with an electro-progger that retains the trance elements of the peak time original. The original vocal, instrumental and Deep Dawn dub are also included just to remind us how good the original was. These were recorded at Stokes legendary Cable Chamber studios and with Tilt engineer Nic Britton is at the engineering controls the production is predictably tight. X-Cabs (aka Chris Cowie) rounds things off with a driving trance mix. Pulsating Moroder-eque basslines, big pads and a solid 4/4 driving grooves are the order of the day… and they deliver.