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Breeder – The Chain (Fletch Remix) featured on DJ Orion At The Club on Radio NRJ Finland on 13 Feb 2010.

DJ Orion’s new show on Radio NRJ Finland, the most popular domestic hit music radio channel. The show runs for one hour every second Saturday of the month at 23:00.

Also featured in DJ Orion’s Feb 2010 Chart:

Click here to here the track in full.


Hello and welcome to Episode #015 of Digital Republic! After a short break over Christmas we start the new year with a special 2 hour set back to back from myself and fellow DJ Darren Lee Fenton.

Track List

  1. Mihalis Safras – Workaholic (Live intro edit)
  2. Yousef – Come Home
  3. Celtic twins – Keraian Skies (Psycatron Remix)
  4. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Boggling About The Future
  5. Dawad – Dr Avalanche Response
  6. Liz Cirelli & Minski – Shiver
  7. Aboutface – Lurid
  8. Praveen Achary – Crossover (Manuel Sofia Remix)
  9. Solee – Timbabwe
  10. Alex Long – Simskiff (Psycatron Remix)
  11. Egbert – Dezelfde Weg
  12. Pan-Pot – Confronted (Martin Landsky Remix)
  13. Harvey Mckay – Inxase vs Harvey Mckay – Mckay 5am (live edit)
  14. Sonority – Tehotenstvi
  15. Bedrock – Emerald (Henry Saiz Psychedelic Tech Tool) (Live re-edit plus original)
  16. 7thkey – Butterflies in my room
  17. Josh Gabriel – Entanglement
  18. Steve Angello – Monday (Christian Smith remix)
  19. Betoko – Voyager (Paolo Mojo Remix)


My demonstration on using the Novation Launchpad and Drum Racks in Ableton that I did for Novation has been viewed over 25,000 times πŸ™‚

Novation Launchpad – User Mode 1 (Drum Rack)


In this video we take a look at User Mode 1 on the Novation Launchpad, which is tailored for triggering Drum Racks in Ableton Live.

By default the Pad LEDs don’t respond when pressed in User Mode 1 or when notes are being played by Ableton so I’ll show you some MIDI routing that will allow you to get a visual feedback.

Using the Drum Racks in User Mode 1 it’s quite easy to build up a drum loop using Overdub in a MIDI clip.

I’ve recently been collaborating with fellow producer Sven Hauck on a 2 Track E.P. that should be in stores early this year and will be released by Baroque Records.

My music can now be found on the excellent SoundCloud.

Start following me to stay up to date with my new tracks and ideas!

In this video I’ll demonstrate an interesting feature of Ableton: MIDI Remote Scripting. This allows you to use any MIDI controller, in our case the Novation Nocturn, to access the first 8 Controls of a focused Device in Ableton. This is a similar feature to the Track Control section on the Akai APC40.

You can read more about it here & here.

I’ve uploaded the edited script and Automap Settings here:

As I mention in the video, being able to instantly access Device Controls is fantastic when working in the studio, however I prefer hard mapped controls when performing so I know what’s what.

Launchpad & Nocturn – Instant Track Control Using MIDI Remote Scripts

Welcome to Episode #014 of digital republic


1. Andre Lodemann – Gentle Doubt [Room with a View]
2. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Last Day [Diynamic]
3. Steve Mac – Musika (Jim Rivers Remix) [sMACk]
4. Damabiah – Sur Les Genoux D L’Automne [Natura Sonoris]
5. Psycatron – Is what it is (So it is Remix) [R&S Records]
6. Infusion – Try it on (Patch Park Remix) [Omnis]
7. Paul Woolford – Idle Hands [Intimacy]
8. James Zabiela – Tylium (Spooky Remix) [Bedrock]
9. Simon Duffy, Alex Whitcombe – CyclesΒ Β  Β [Steel Fish]
10. True Identity – Steppenwolf (Pig & Dan Remix) [Refune Records]
11. Tonecast – Too Junky [Secret Village]
12. Pole FolderΒ Β  Β – Hate Myself (Sasha Remix) [La Tour]


This is where the using the Launchpad as a Continuous Controller comes in handy as it is sometimes preferable to be able to cut to a specific value rather than having to cycle through values as you would with a Rotary Control or Fader.

In the first video we use the standard mappings with the Launchpad which will allow us to be able to use the other Launchpad functions such as Session Mode, Mixer Mode & User 1 Mode. The trade off using this method is that the LEDs do not give a visual feedback and you are limited to the pad’s default action: Toggle.

Example 1

In the second video we use Automap MIDI instead of the default mappings. The advantage here is that we can set the pad’s values to Momentary rather than the default Toggle. We also get some visual feedback from the LEDs however now we cannot use the other functions of the Launchpad such as Session Mode, Mixer Mode etc. My preferred approach is the first example.

Example 2

This month we celebrate the 1st Birthday of Digital Republic and to mark the occasion I’ve recorded a special studio set of unreleased material all performed live in Ableton Live.

1. Part 1 (Frozen Lakes)
2. Part 2 (Spooky Keys)
3. Part 3 (Basically)
4. Part 4 (Sundial in the Shade)
5. Part 5 (Circumzenithal Arc)
6. Part 6 (Out of the system)
7. Part 7 (Vector)
8. Part 8 (Vertex)


Hi everyone

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the brand new MIDI Controller from Novation & Ableton, the Launchpad.

I’ve uploaded 3 videos where I test out some of the features:

In a few days I hope to post some more interesting videos showing Launchpad assigned to fx so stay tuned ;).

Hey everyone

Just wanted to bring to your attention a new night some DJ friends of mine are starting in London on Friday 30 October 2009:


They’ve put together a 2 CD promo that can be downloaded here:

Sam Hedworth & Darren Lee Fenton – Motion, First Movements Disk 1

Sam Hedworth & Darren Lee Fenton – Motion, First Movements Disk 2

The full details for the night are as follows:

Motion @ Fluid

Main room:
Sam Hedworth & Darren Lee Fenton b2b
Kevin Casey (beatFREAK)

Nick Sneddon
Carwyn Butcher
Francis Mallinson & James Soulsby b2b

Friday 30th October sees an exciting new name hit the London club scene, Motion. Motion is Sam Hedworth and Darren Lee Fenton who have been DJing together at parties across the UK for the last eight years and now, supported by some of the best up and coming DJ talent, bring their sound to clubs. Motion’s music policy is tech house, deep house, progressive and techno.

The sound of the main room will be cutting edge tech house, progressive house and techno. The bar will offer a cool, more laid back vibe with a sound-scape of electronic music. This combination of genres will create an environment that will appeal to a wide range of people. Motion therefore boasts “something for everyone”.

Motion kicks off in style by welcoming DJs Norman H, Nick Sneddon, Kevin Casey, Carwyn Butcher, Francis Mallinson and James Soulsby, and not forgetting your hosts Sam Hedworth & Darren Lee Fenton.

Sam Hedworth and Darren Lee Fenton will be playing back to back and headlining the main room. The pair have a unique blend of sounds to bring to the dance floor, which has brought them great popularity and is a treat for any clubber.

Sam has spun all over the country and is no stranger to the London club scene, with appearances at the legendary club Ministry of Sound and the mighty Bedrock, along side DJs Sasha, John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo. Darren has enjoyed regular appearances over the last ten years in the north of England and is now bringing his sound to the south.

Joining Sam and Darren in the main room is Norman H of Stripped Recordings & Hype Muzik. Norman has DJed all over the world since 1991. He is manager of STRIPPEDMUZIKCLUB and resident DJ and promoter of the popular STRIPPED club night. As well as DJing and running his club night Norman works tirelessly searching for new talent. His record labels are currently promoting some of the scene’s most exciting and up coming producers. Norman H brings an element of class to Motions opening night.

Kevin Casey completes the line up in the main room and is a familiar face to Fluid regulars, as he is the promoter of the highly successful beatFREAK. Kevin has recently taken beatFREAK on a tour of London clubs to the heights of Ministry of Sound.

The bar invites you to join Nick Sneddon, Carywn Butcher, Francis Mallinson and James Soulsby. They offer an equal amount of quality, experience and wealth of talent which has seen them play along side some of the worlds best DJs at clubs across the capital.

Motion promises to be a night to rival any on the current club scene.

For more info visit Motion’s website at

See you there!

Welcome to Episode #012 of digital republic.

1. Mark Lowry, Scope – Curovizer [Urbantorque]
2. Behrouz – Where are you now? [Forensic Records]
3. Maxi ValvonaΒ Β  Β – Mellow Dramatic (Lank Remix) [microCastle]
4. Tonecast – Arrested before sunrise (Francesco Pico Remix) [Secret Village]
5. Christian Smith & John Selway – Daytona [Bedrock]
6. Interplay – Locked [Proton Music]
7. Quivver – Rustle Dust [Boz Boz]
8. Henry Saiz – Madre Noche [Renaissance]
9. Gregor Tresher – Awaking Life inside [Break New Soil]
10. Dansor, Medway – Bueno [Whose Haus]
11. Tomcraft – Look Around [Craft Music]
12. Henry Saiz – Hadal [Renaissance]

Download here

Welcome to Episode #011 of digital republic.

1. Mastra – Flying Ornaments [Kaato]
2. Stel – The Nail That Sticks (King Roc Remix) [Mood Music]
3. Davi – Delysid [Outside the box]
4. Future Beat Alliance – Do You Dream [EevoNext]
5. Northberg – Moments [Klimaks]
6. Mic Newman – The Trembling Trio [Dirt Crew]
7. Einmusik – Pheasant [Parquet]
8. Gregor Tresher – The Life Wire [Break New Soil]
9. Triangle – Three [Dieb Audio]
10. Psycatron – Deeper Shades Of Black (After Dark Mix) [Planet E Communications]
11. Pig & Dan – Memories [Impreransa]

Download here

James Grant plays “Lanui – Eli (Fletch Remix)” on Anjunabeats Worldwide 133, Anjunadeep Edition 26 July 2009.



Welcome to Episode #010 of digital republic.

1. Electric Rescue – Vetetroi (Davis & May Remix) [*Back Home]
2. Vincenzo vs. Alexi Delano – The Lab [Poker Flat]
3. Tomoki Tamura & Nobuo Ittetsu – Park in the morning (Jim Rivers Instrumental) [King Street Sounds]
4. Christian Smith & John Selway – Mistral (Anton Pieete Remix) [Bedrock]
5. Osamu M & Satoshi Fumi – Solar Eclipse feat. Funk D’Void [Outerspace]
6. Espen – Hats Become You [BrandNewVibe]
7. Fefo & Dario Arcas – From Heaven To Earth (Henry Saiz From Earth To Haven Remix) [Noizen]
8. Erphun – Pesadilla Hermosa (Pig & Dan Arpism Remix) Audio Therapy
9. Jet Project – Barrio (Kirby & Aruba Dub) [Darkroom Dubs]
10. Sven Hauck – Kannal (The Wait) [Babylon Records]
11. Doves – Jetstream (Sasha Remix) [Heavenly / Virgin]

Download here

The brilliant Proff remix of Sundogs – Primary Key is now available on

Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings BEBR031:


Welcome to Episode #009 of digital republic.

This month is a special 2 hour mix from my recent live set at Tonefields πŸ˜‰

1. Lil Dirty – Vintage (Jim Rivers Remix) [Starlight Records]
2. Andreas Henneberg – Active [Piemont Records]
3. Tone Float – Tone Float [Urban Torque]
4. Rhythm Code – Radio Alert M3NT [Baroque Records]
5. Depeche Mode – Peace (Nomad In The Dark Remix) [CDR]
6. 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield – The Return [Bits & Pieces]
7. Mastercris – Follow Me (Derek Howell Remix) [Bellerine Records]
8. The Chemical Brothers – Out of Control (Sasha Remix) [Virgin Records]
9. Pascal Vert – Long Way Home [Piemont Records]
10. Stryke & Santos – Exiled [Tronic Records]
11. Glowfield, 16 Bit Lolitas – Calling new york [Bits & Pieces]
12. Jaytech – Genesis [Rapid Response Records]
13. Humate – Love Stimulation (Tom Middleton Remix) [Renaissance]
14. Tonecast – Flying Cabs (Steve Mill Remix) [Secret Village]
15. Butch – 1000 Lords (Zoo Brazil Remix) [Craft Music]
16. Grappa Rockers – Heavily Refreshed (Lank Remix) [Boz Boz]
17. On Spec – Knights of Columbos vs The Police – Voices [Bedrock]
18. Paulo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz Remix) [Pryda Friends]

Download here

My remix of Lanui – Eli is released today, exclusively on Beatport!

Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings BEBR030:

  • Lanui – Eli (Original Mix)
  • Lanui – Eli (Fletch Remix)
  • Lanui – Eli (Ricky Inch Remix)

Eli Beatport

Click here to preview and purchase.

Hey everyone

If you head over to you’ll be able to hear several new tracks in the music player:

Lanui – Eli (Fletch Remix)

Arnold – The Stars Are Shining (Fletch’s Stellar Remix)

Sundogs – Primary Key (Proff Remix)

Sundogs – Primary Key (Lea D Remix)

TBC – Out of the system

Thanks! πŸ˜‰

My DJ sets can now be found on the excellent Spirit Soul Mix Archive website.


Some of my favourite DJs have sets available to download on there, I would highly recommend checking it out!