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In 1995 friends / producers Scott Latham & Spencer Hickson set about to write a track for DJ Sasha. They came up with The Phoenix – Rise Up E.P. which was released on Solid Silver Recordings (SIL006).

Sasha was given the only copy mid way through 95 and was using it as a set opener and it featured twice on the Essential Mix. The sales did that well that not only was a run of black vinyl produced there was an exclusive number of red vinyl.

Following Scott’s tragic death in 1996, Spencer Hickson thought a fantastic way for people to remember Scott on the 10th Anniversary of his death would be to remix the project.

Scott’s parents Graham & Christine Latham and Soloman Parker from Solid Silver thought it was a great idea too. Spencer and fellow producer Fletch got cracking on a remix following work they had done on (Desyfer – 831) together.

The new track was signed by Northern Exposure a brand new label and used as the first release (NEXP001), Northern Exposure is a sister label of (Hooj Choons / Lost Language / Solaris Recordings etc) the track as been released on vinyl with the B side being the D Dub Remix.
The D Dub Remix was played on the Radio 1 Essential Mix by John Digweed live at the Warehouse Project in Manchester on 13 October 2007.

Vinyl Release:
Side 1: Desyfer & Fletch Remix
Side 2: D Dub Remix

Digital Download:
Track 1: Desyfer & Fletch Remix
Track 2: D Dub Remix
Track 3: Fletch Big Remix
Track 4: Desyfer Remix
Track 5: Fletch Dub Remix
Track 6: Original Mix



Buy here:



John Digweed played “Phoenix – Rise Up (D Dub Remix)” at this year’s SW4 in London’s Clapham Common.


My unofficial remix of “Cliff Tangredi – Shimmer” was played at Bedrock by my good friend Sam Hedworth.

Sam was playing in the Soundshaft Room at Heaven on the 5 April for Twisted Audio.

Bedrock flyer 07

Got a great reaction, well chuffed 😀